Goat Brochettes

 450g goat meat cut into 1.5cm cubes
 1 onion quartered
 5 fresh, ripe plum tomatoes, crushed
 1/2 small tin of tomato puree
 2 tsp salt
 Handful of piri-piri chilies (you can use dried, re-constituted in water or substitute with Serrano chilies)
 Vegetable oil  

Soak you skewers in water and form the brochette by alternately threading meat and 2 to 3 leaves of onion onto the skewer. When done lay the skewer on the grill and brush with vegetable oil. Allow to cook for 3 minutes.

 Meanwhile, mix the tomatoes, about 50g of the onions (finely diced) and the piri-piri chillies (pounded to a paste) along with the tomato puree. You are aiming for a medium-thick sauce. Add a little oil and water to attain the desired consistency. Brush the sauce on all sides of the brochettes, adding more of the sauce as you turn them (ensure you turn at least 3 times). The brochettes are ready when just cooked through (about 8 minutes) and should be a nice reddish color, due to the sauce. Serve with potatoes that have been fried and finished by being dipped in any remaining tomato sauce and a dipping sauce made of piri-piri chillies in oil.

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