The Traditional Sunday Roast -Roast leg of lamb (Sunnudagssteikin)

1 leg of lamb
salt, pepper 

Wipe the leg of lamb over with a cloth rung out in warm water. Rub spices well into the meat. Rub the bottom of your oven pan with butter or margarine, put also a few dots of either on top of the roast. Put your leg of lamb in a hot oven 250C-450F and roast for 15-20 min., then lower the heat to 150-200C (350F). Pour hot water or stock into pan and cook for about 15 min. per pound of meat, spooning the stock over the meat occasionally. When done pour the stock from the pan and make gravy with some flour. You may have to add water during the cooking. If the stock is too fatty, skim before making gravy. Serve your roast leg of lamb whole to be cut at the table or sliced in the kitchen with sugar browned potatoes, peas and carrots.

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