Selsko Meso

1kg. pork meat
4-5 onions chopped
300gr. ground beef (for small meat balls)
Tomatoes or ketchup
700gr. mushrooms
300gr. dry smoked meat into small pieces
Salt, pepper, bukovec (a mixture of paprika & salt)
Some wine
A little cream & cheese  

How to prepare
First make the meatballs and include a piece of ground onion salt, pepper and spices. Then cut the pork into small pieces and fry it in oil, add the ground onion and fry it together. After they become red, add the tomatoes (or the ketchup), the mushrooms, the smoked meat and the small meat balls. Add spices, salt, red pepper, bukovec and pepper into the mixture.

Separately dissolve a spoon full of flour into a glass of water (the one in which the mushrooms were contained) and also add a glass of wine. The whole mixture is baked (roasted) in the oven in a baking dish made of clay.

By the end of the baking you can add cheese and cream according to your own taste.

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