Any kinds of veggies like cucumber, carrot (cook it until it's tender), lettuce, bean sprout, potato (also cook until tender), tofu (fried it first), and eggs (cooked it, then cut it into 6 pieces)

For the peanut sauce, you'll need:
100 gr peanut (fry them without using oil until it's kinda brownish)
2 garlic
1-2 chilli
1 tbs palm sugar
1 tsp fish paste (if there's an Indonesian market in your town, ask for "terasi")
2 cm galiangale

How to make the peanut sauce:
Put the peanut sauce ingredients into food processor until it is smooth, and then add tamarind water and a little bit of water. The sauce has to be thick enough, so don't add to much water. Then add a little bit of soy sauce (or "kecap manis") to make the colour nicer.
Mix it with your veggies.

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