Khobz Mbesses - Algerian Semolina Cake with Eggs

Time: 10 minutes preparation, 50 minutes cooking.

400gr of durum Wheat semolina flour
2 eggs
1 1/2 cups of tepid milk
1 packet of yeast
2 cups of Sugar
1 cup of honey
150gr of almonds as an optional garnish
2 tablespoons of butter

1) Knead the flour, eggs, Sugar, milk and yeast together with some water until the ingredients are incorporated. The dough should be wetter and looser than bread dough.
2) Heat a skillet for just a minute and add the butter. Remove pan from heat.
3) Press the dough down into the skillet.
4) Cover the dough with plastic or a slightly damp towel and let it rise at room temperature until approximately double in size.
5) Cook on very, very low heat. The cake will rise to about double in volume. When fully cooked it will become firm. Turn over and brown the other side for about 10 minutes.
5) Brush the top with warmed honey this will obviously moisten the cake. You can add orange flower water or rose water to the honey if you like. Garnishing with almonds is optional. You can also toast the almonds if you like.

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