Cappelli del papa (Pope Hats)

For the filling:
1 kg of mantis shrimps or langoustine
1 slice of white bread
1 egg yolk
Salt and pepper
Some milk
Garlic and parsley

For the sauce
500g di mantis shrimps
500g tomato
Garlic, oil and parsley
Salt and pepper

For the pastry
400gr of flour
3 eggs

Mix the flour with eggs , water and salt, and let rest under a glass bowl.

Steam cook 1Kg of mantis shrimps for a few minutes, open them and save the pulp.
Cook garlic and parsley in a little oil, add the fish pulp and let the flavors mix for a few minutes.
After cooling, put the pulp in a mixer, add the slice of bread (after soaking in milk and sqweezed), the egg yolk, salt and pepper and mix.
Place in the refrigerator while you prepare the sauce

Cut the legs and some of the skin of the remaining mantis shrimps
Make a sauce with garlic, oil and parsley and some tomato. Cook for a few minutes and then add the mantis shrimps. Cook for about 15 mins. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Prepare the hats.
Flatten the pastry until it is of the desired thickness, add the filling and then seal the hats and then cut. Cook in boiling water and serve with the sauce. (for pictures see

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