Oshi Palov (Tajik national meal)

•Rice 0.3 kg,
•Oil 200 gr
•Meat 1 kg (lamb or beef)
•Onion (1/1)
•Carrots (potatoes optional)
•Eggs 4 pc
•Quince 2 pc
•Garlic 2 pc
•Salt 0,20 pc
•Water 600
Lettuce, radish, cucumber for the salad

First clean the rice, prepare carrots, by cutting them like McDonald’s fries.
Use a whole garlic head, do not peel
Pour oil in a large pan (wok would work best) and fry the onions, add the meat, carrots, salt, quince and garlic and cook. When all becomes red dark take out garlic, potatoes (if used) and quince and put them on a plate.Then add water. After that wash rice carefully, put it into the pan and boil it 10-20 minutes. The rice must be covered with water and must be boiled until all water is absorbed (do not stir). Add back quince and potatoes and cover the pan. Simmer for about 10 minutes (up to 20 minutes) Make sure the contents does not stick to the bottom of the pan. You should not stir Oshi Palov during cooking.
Boil the eggs, quarter them and serve them on top of the Oshi Palov on a large shallow dish
The dish is usually served with green salad containing radish and cucumber dressed by some vegetable oil.

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