Saint Lucia Hot Bakes


1 lbs All purpose flour

2 tablespoon Sugar

2 ½ Tablespoon baking powder

½ teaspoon Salt

1 tablespoon Butter

¼ cup milk

Oil for frying


How to Make Hot Bakes

Pour flour into a large bowl add sugar, baking powder, butter and salt. Mix thoroughly and add milk and water.

Kneed dough until it becomes a soft and almost sticky to the touch.

If it becomes too sticky, add a little flour and knead the dough until you can touch it.
When you are done kneading the dough, cover it and allow it to rise for at least half an hour.

Get a frying pan, allow it to get hot and then pour oil into it. Cut up dough into small balls and make flat about ½ inches thick.
Place it in your frying pan of hot oil on a medium heat until it has turned golden brown and turn over to the other side for same results.

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